Enchanting wings

Oriental flying gurnard

Oriental flying gurnard

Oriental flying gurnard

I can fly

When I met him, he was expanding his pectoral fins like wings. It is a threatening action against the enemy. Unfortunately, this action attracts a lot of divers, because of his beautiful wings and interesting moving. Flying Gurnard was named after the shape of his fins. He is not good at swimming. But he can walk very well with his ventral fins like legs. When I was trying to get near closer to him, taking pictures. He suddenly stood up dorsal fin like a antenna and ran as if the plane accelerated on the runway and finally took off. He flew a few Centimeters high, and landing on like a plane. And then ran away into the deep. He was real ” Flying Gurnard “.  Oriental flying gurnard Dactyloptena orientalis (Cuvier, 1829) at Kajika, Owase, Mie, Japan. With Kajika Diving Service

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